Dry Cleaning

At Mainst Cleaners, we go above and beyond to guarantee you look your best. Our inspection starts with advanced spot treating and stain removal. We even replace cracked buttons and tighten loose threads for free. Our cleaning process uses the most advanced dry cleaning techniques and detergent. The result? Garments that look better and last even longer.

Shirt Laundry

Mainst Cleaners' shirt laundering includes expert hand-spotting, finishing with fresh starch and professional pressing of your shirts.

Household items & Bedding

Bring household items like comforters, curtains, tablecloths or decorative pillows to Mainst Cleaners. Our professional equipment has the power to remove the toughest stains and the soft touch to handle the most delicate fabrics. Where regular washing can cause these items to shrink or fall apart, our machines will preserve the color and comfort of your favorite items.

Alteration and repair

We offers you comprehensive fabric care to keep you looking your best day after day. Our expert tailor can handle minor repairs and complete alterations in a snap. For a complete list of alteration and repair services, please contact us.